The Nāmi Report

Fall Accessories!

Posted by nāmi team on Oct 20th 2017

The glitz and glam associated with the next coming months all rely on one thing: accessories. Our homes are probably already overflowing with orange, and other autumnal hues, setting the stage for Tha … read more

Flashy Fishnets.

Posted by nāmi team on Oct 18th 2017

Fishnets. You either love them, or think of them as a tad too controversial for your taste. It’s also entirely possible that these kinds of tights never made an impression on your personal style. But … read more


Posted by nāmi team on Oct 16th 2017

The constantly evolving jumpsuit is on our minds today, so why not make it our trend of the week?As indicated by recent trend cycles, the one-and-done look has moved up in the fashion ranks. We can in … read more

These are necessary for your Fall wardrobe!!

Posted by nāmi team on Oct 13th 2017

It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not the holidays just yet, but something equally as exciting. Of course we’re talking about the fall season. That perfect morning briskness, a comfortably warm a … read more

Endearing Embroidery

Posted by nāmi team on Oct 11th 2017

Not every trend can be forecasted or easily spotted, but that certainly is not the case for embroidery. You will find the motif on every trend report, and many major runways (think Gucci and the like) … read more