Do you know the one thing shopping online lacks? The second opinion. We know you know what we are talking about! The best part about shopping with your entourage is the moral support! An honest opinion if the dress flatters your figure, suggestions on new looks to try that you would not ordinarily pick out for yourself, and a little bit of #yesgirlyes encouragement! In most cases, shopping online swaps out community for convenience. While it keeps the fashion, it loses the fun! But not at nāmi!

What is nāmi?! We are your online stylish best friend! With stylish tips, wardrobe advice, and girl talk. We are an e-commerce retail site for every body type, hue, shape and size who have a love of fashion and appreciation of style! What’s more? We strive to provide the same one-on-one personalized shopping experience you once could only find in-store.

With our founders background in design, nāmi is a little more curated than most online boutiques. Chic, contemporary and on trend, each collection is inspired by the season’s fashion looks that we feel are the most eye-catching!



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